Jon Swift - Music

Happy Autumn!

/me: OR via TX, NE, CO, CA, TN.

/ASCAP Composer /(B.A. Music Composition 1981)

/Tech: built my first PC in Los Angeles in 1983. Geek-ly maximus since.

/Songwriter - Singer - Guitarist /Music on ABC, OPB, Discovery Channel.


/current thing: renewed code love.

/people being creative and having fun for near free at:.


Select Solo Guitar Samples above to listen to quick samples of three styles.


My one official release is the 2002 entirely instrumental CD album "Travelog".

I wrote and recorded the album, one man band style, in a little house in Bend, OR.

Try and buy individual tracks at Amazon and iTunes via the links below.                                                                                                        

That Emerald, Oregon.